What is Egurtek?

||What is Egurtek?
What is Egurtek?2020-06-04T16:30:32+02:00

Egurtek is a forum for gathering information about timber architecture and construction, unique in the Iberian Peninsula, where other uses and techniques for wood are also present

Egurtek has become an unmissable event for architects and engineers and all those professionals of the industry who have connections with wood.  Through this Forum, more than fifty professionals of international prestige have presented their work and shared their experiences with all those attending the Forum. It also has an exhibiting area for more than 50 participants, technical conferences, meetings between industry partnerships and presentation of panels showing award-winning works from Egurtek, among other activities.

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FREE registration includes:

  • Attendance to the speeches of the Conference
  • Documentation
  • Visit to the exhibition area
  • Attendance to concurrent sessions and sector workshops
  • Get to know the Egurtek Award panels


Architects and Engineers, Construction Technicians, Timber Industry, Engineering Firms, Construction Companies, Municipal Councils and Public Bodies, Universities and Research Centres.