The Natural fence is a reversible slat with a smooth side and a grooved side. It is part of the VISENDUM® Natural Range and consists of a stained reclaimed wood slat produced with the VISENDUM® Technological Wood technology which gives it a unique hardness.
Like all the slats of the Natural Range, this slat presents a temporary tanning phenomenon. On the other hand, it resists 120 km/h winds and is very practical, thanks to its honeycomb profile adapted to use in enclosures.
This slat is not suitable for use in walls. For this type of use it is preferable to use the ENCAPSULATED fence slat.
Dimensions Fence Slats: Dimensions 150 x 21 x 1783 mm
Reinforcement dimensions. Available in: Upper Reinforcement 40 x 40 x 2000 mm, Intermediate Reinforcement 23,3 x 24 x 1730 mm and Lower Reinforcement 40 x 38 x 1730 mm
Fence slat colours: Exotic brown and Anthracite grey
Reinforcement colours: Brown, Anthracite Grey, Silver Grey, Anthracite Sand, Silver Grey Sand

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