The textured ENCAPSULADA slat offers the particularity of having a very high adherence, which guarantees a great anti-slip capacity. The rough touch and the "polished" surface effect also give it an authentic character. The innovative production technology guarantees exceptional properties and easy maintenance of stains in the home, even after many years of use.
The ENCAPSULADA is a completely innovative and resistant slat belonging to the HIGH-TECH range. This technological innovation consists of covering the Technological Wood ® slat with a layer of polymers that protect it both on the surface and internally, to guarantee a homogeneous tone over time. Thus, it confers exceptional qualities of resistance to UV rays and to stains, as well as great waterproofing. Co-extrusion goes hand in hand with comfort of use!
Available dimensions: 150mm x 21mm x 2000mm and 160mm x 23mm x 2000mm
Special sizes up to 7m long
Available colours: Lime Brown, Rio Brown, Bethlehem Grey, Ushuaia Grey, Cofee Brown and Charcoal Grey.

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