The wood slats are Technological Wood® slats from the Natural Range of VISENDUM®. It offers the common characteristics of all our products: it does not darken, it is rot-proof and resistant to UV rays. Its surface effect is structured to achieve an appearance very similar to the grain of the wood, giving this board a highly appreciated natural character! An authentic look and guaranteed care.
The Natural Veined range offers a wide range of colours, sizes, finishes and accessories to allow the greatest freedom of creation in the design of your outdoor spaces. To achieve an original and personalised terrace, you can alternate the Veined finish with the Grooved or Plain finish.
Available dimensions: 138mm x 23mm x 2000mm, 150mm x 21mm x 2000mm and 160mm x 23mm x 2000mm
Special sizes up to 7m long
Available colours: Apricot, Exotic brown, Emerald grey and Anthracite grey
Finish: Veined

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